Nature is a fascinating teacher. Yesterday, in Nosara, she offered her messages in the unique way she does in the jungle. The winds blew strong in the morning, not a typical quality of the dry season’s March. But when they move the dirt, dust and crackling trees like they do, I am reminded to reflect upon the winds of change…”Am I listening?” I ask myself. 

In the open air studio at Harmony Healing Centre, we are often met by the animals with whom we share space. In the beginning of the Sunday Breathwork class, a woman called me over to her set up in the corner and prompted me to see the large scorpion who was looming under her props. She was not sure if it was dead or alive. It was alive. I found a piece of bamboo to trap its tail while I continued to guide the class through the opening relaxation, I recognized the scorpion’s presence as a messenger. We escorted the animal under a glass to be released into the jungle at the end of the practice, but each time I walked to the back corner of the room where she was waiting, I could hear the pincers tapping on the glass…reminding me to listen. 

The medicine of the scorpion is a sign of transformation. A message to remind the receiver to release what is no longer necessary…what gets in the way…what is exhausted…what needs to be cleared out. 

From that moment, the practice took on a different form than what I had originally planned…like air infusing fire, signifying that it is time to take action towards the transformation and to be courageous in the steps forward. 

As the class came to its conclusion with the scorpion now settled waiting for the moment when she could scurry off out from under the glass, I witnessed the presence of the butterfly…floating on the strong winds of the afternoon:  another message of transformation and the beauty of the process of emergence from the other side. A completely new form was born from the pressure created in the hibernation of the chrysalis. 

For me, the past few months of my life (and possibly yours too, in our collective journey) has felt like the chrysalis…I have felt the pressure, as you may have or may still be experiencing. And, I am remembering that pressure is an invaluable presence for growth and change. Now is the time for greater consciousness in our actions, deeper focus while asking for support from the outside forces and messengers that are present to help us see the next steps forward. 

When I made the commitment to make a part time move back to the states from a place that most people refer to as “paradise,” I had no idea that I would be walking into such a charged political, social and emotional environment. In some ways, I was like the scorpion trapped under the glass…in my protective bubble of the green jungle just waiting for my next step forward. Now is the time for those next steps. 

What are you preparing for? What support do you need to take the next leap and create action that is setting the foundation for your heart to soar and consciousness to be raised? I am asking you these questions, because I ask them of myself as well. 

Now is the time. Notice that every breath is keeping us engaged in this life that we are sharing together. Yesterday, I was also reminded of the butterfly effect…that even in the most subtle ways as the butterfly moves her wings, change is evoked and life transforms. 

I invite you to share in this journey with me. What subtle ways are you shifting and moving into a new form? 

Pause…listen and breathe. You’ve got this. You are surrounded by support and messengers of all forms. Can you hear what they are whispering to you?