Breathwork Facilitator Training

2020 Breathwork Facilitator Trainings

April 1-5 Foundations of Breathwork, The New York Open Center, NYC, NY

May 17-22 Foundations of Personal Healing and Transformation. Catskills, NY

July 26-31 Foundations of Group Work. Catskills, NY

October 11-16th Advanced Breathwork and the Sacred Journey. Catskills, NY

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About the Method

Breathwork is an experience of support through intention, series of guided breathing exercises leading into a sustained conscious, connected circular breathing cycle that may create a heightened state of awareness in the practitioner. Through the deep meditative effect initiated by the sustained circular breath, stuck energetic patterns and belief structures may be dislodged and the nervous system repatterned for greater harmony and wellness.


The Breathwork Facilitator Training was launched in Nosara, Costa Rica in May, 2016 as Ashley Ludman graduated her first group of students after a week-long intensive in the method. Since then, the introductory facilitator training has continued to expand, and is now offered in module formats to meet the growing demands of the work. 

To request information or to inquire of upcoming programs please email