Experience #1 : DISCOVER!

Experience #1: DISCOVER!

May 22- June 5 New Moon to Full Moon


Live ZOOM calls (each will be recorded.) Live Zoom calls will include a digestible movement inquiry, breathwork, contemplation and meditation practice, followed by optional integration/reflective mirror processing. Through this experience, accompanying life alignment practices will be encouraged (but not mandated…after all, you are an adult learner!)

***All call posted in ET. Please acknowledge your time zone.

Friday, May 22 4pm. New Moon: Intentions, Commitment to Self and Collective, Beliefs.

Saturday, May 23 10am. Setting a sustainable foundation.

Sunday, May 24 10am. Purification, Action, Envisioning.

Tuesday, May 26, 5pm.  Evolving topics, contemplations, meditations.

Sunday, May 31,  10am. Evolving topics, contemplations, meditations.

Tuesday June 2 6pm ET

Friday June 5th 6pm ET Full Moon

Experience Content:

  • Intention, Commitment and Goal Setting
  • Exploration of belief structures of Safety, Security, Trust, Core Values
  • Conversations and deepening awareness of foundations of resources, support and family.
  • Develop a space and consistency for your personal practices.
  • Inspiration for sustainability and simplification
  • Receive 7 simple breathwork practices with the following intentional inquiry: Grounding, Creativity, Power, Relationships, Expression, Vision, Connection.

Commitment Logistics

  • Discussions and resources will be available through a private Sutra.co platform. This platform allows for private and real time conversation within our circle.
  • Weekly live personal/professional support calls will be offered through Zoom.
  • You will be given inspiration to create your own personal messages that can easily be offered through the social media channels of your choosing. (I use Canva for graphic design and Soundcloud for my audio library.)
  • When committing to this circle, I am committing to you through support through social media. For the duration of this circle, I will only follow the healing artists in the EMERGE group on my IG handle, @thebreathmystic. Here, I will be able to communicate and add to your conversation directly and offer you inspired support and feedback.
  • If committing to this circle, I will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Nothing is mandatory, and there will be an abundance of resources and accountability exercises that will inspire you to clarify your vision and deliver your message with confidence.
  • Remember, the more you devote to an experience…the more you get out of the experience.
  • Discover is a part of a larger, 8 week circle with 6 modules. Module #1 and #3 are 2 weeks in duration.

DISCOVER! Experience May 22- June 5

  • $150 pre-registration (by noon ET on May 22), late registration $200

Purchase DISCOVER! Experience $150

Combine DISCOVER! Experience and CREATE! Experience – $200

Please send all inquires about the circle options to ashley@ashleyludman.com. I will respond directly to you and answer any questions you may have about the program.