Experience #3 EMERGE!

Experience #3 EMERGE!

June 13- July 24

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 move out of or away from something and come into view

Connect with me here to hear a little more about the intentions for EMERGE 2020.

  • Receive personal and professional support.
  • Clarify your vision and messages.
  • Dedicate and focus your daily structure to create sustained personal vitality practices.
  • Redefine your relationship to social media.
  • Find your safety positions, field of action and radical possibilities as we journey collectively.
  • Cultivate and deepen your connections to the circles around you.
  • Inspiration to create sustainable business structures that stress you less and inspire you more.
  • Experience weekly digestible breathwork practices and accompanying contemplations, journaling prompts and accountability exercises.
  • Connect as much or as little as you wish in our circle, supported by the Sutra.co platform. All of your resources and our private conversations are held there.
  • Choose how much you wish to EMERGE into the world of social media, and specifically in the time that fits for your intentions.
  • We will work with archetypes of The Healer, The Artist, The Entrepreneur, The Advocate, The Visionary and The Empath.
  • Animal Medicine and Energy Medicine concepts will be woven through the experience.
  • Hear from healers and leaders in various topics as they EMERGE from our circles of discussion.
  • This program is perfect for artistic leaders and creatives who are ready to expand to the next level.
  • Be a part of the authentic communication around financial sustainability and service based offerings.


This experience is curated for human breathers (particularly for creative and healing arts professionals) who want to align with an expanded blueprint of vision, expression and offering.

  • Personal and professional support through live Zoom interactions and circle conversations through http://www.sutra.co.
  • Mental and action reframe for your evolved professional offerings.
  • Explorations of sustainable business structure.
  • How do I create and express my authentic conversations through multiple blueprints and platforms?
  • REdefine your relationship with social media through investment and purification practices.
  • Cultivate connections that resonate with your message and offerings.
  • Test out your creative ideas and offerings here in our private circle!

*** Depending on the size of the EMERGE community, 2-4 weekly live zooms will be scheduled, additional mini breathwork meditations/contemplations and inquiries will be offered as well as Experience Catalyst Opportunities to expand your edges.

Commitment Logistics

  • Discussions and resources will be available through a private Sutra.co platform. This platform allows for private and real time conversation within our circle.
  • Weekly live personal/professional support calls will be offered through Zoom.
  • You will be given inspiration to create your own personal messages that can easily be offered through the social media channels of your choosing. (I use Canva for graphic design and Soundcloud for my audio library.)
  • When committing to this circle, I am committing to you through support through social media. For the duration of this circle, I will only follow the healing artists in the EMERGE group on my IG handle, @thebreathmystic. Here, I will be able to communicate and add to your conversation directly and offer you inspired support and feedback.
  • If committing to this circle, I will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Nothing is mandatory, and there will be an abundance of resources and accountability exercises that will inspire you to clarify your vision and deliver your message with confidence.
  • Remember, the more you devote to an experience…the more you get out of the experience.
  • This is an 8 week circle with 6 modules. Module #1 and #3 are 2 weeks in duration. May 22-.

Full EMERGE 2020 Experience (May 22- July 24. Jump in any time on or before June 13)

  • $600 paid in full prior to June 1/ $650 after.
  • To be considered for the full EMERGE experience, you will also receive all of the content, contemplative meditations, breathwork practices and  DISCOVER and CREATE 2020.
  • Inquire about incentive to sign up with an accountability buddy prior to June 1.
  • Inquire about payment plans prior to June 1.
  • Inquire about service based scholarship options, prior to June 1.
Full EMERGE 2020 Experience – $600

Please send all inquires about the circle options to ashley@ashleyludman.com. I will respond directly to you and answer any questions you may have about the program.