Breathwork 2020

Are you seeking personal and professional support to inspire you to emerge in a new way in these creative times?

Are you seeking support to align yourself with the massive shifts of 2020?

Are you ready to emerge into new grooves of your current personal and professional blueprints?

Do you desire to cultivate deeper connections with people who are seeking your offerings and support?

Is it time to clarify your vision and share your messages in YOUR unique way?

This circle of support may be what you are seeking.

Join me for an in depth dive into your creative wellspring and be a part of the circle to inspire you to emerge in a more sustainable, inspired way in 2020!


Click through the images to receive more details about each circle offering.



We are navigating times that may feel chaotic and uncertain. Chaos may bring opportunities for creativity, if we allow for it. Learning to navigate the uncertainty can offer you many gifts in the evolution of the moment. 

Discover, Create and Emerge are circle offerings designed for YOU: the human breathers who are ready to see beyond a surface narrative into the depth of your inner resources and creative capacity. In these circles, live breathes and personal support is woven with pre-recorded breathes and integrated journaling prompts. All resources and community conversation is integrated in a resource library in a private community circle.