Women’s Circle of Support

February is Friends and Family month. Come join us and feel what we are doing as the circle is relaunching in March for a full year of Breathwork, Support and Exploration with all things related to women’s needs, desire and power.

This circle is open to women who are seeking a greater capacity to flow with life’s lessons through purposeful, inner shifts with conscious choices. Repatterning the grooves of our conditions and actions take time, and at the same time, a new way of being can emerge in the space of just one breath. This experience is designed for the needs and desires of women.

We are extending what began as a three month experience, and launching again in March of 2023 for a full year. You will have the option to join for twice weekly support calls (see schedule below) and breathes (all will be recorded for access even if you cannot join live.) We will also hold a ceremony time on New Moons and Full Moons, and provide you with tools to track the inner changes that offer you new possibilities.

Weekly themes will include: Self-observation and inner tracking, Nervous System Balancing, Creating Compassionate Boundaries, Conscious Communication, Emotional Expression Practices, Desire Mapping, and much more!

For more information or to submit your intake form and get into the preparation mode, email ashley@ashleyludman.com to schedule a connection call.


Support Calls (Including Breathwork Experience) every Monday evening 7pm-8:30pm ET and Thursdays 10am ET.

New Moon and Full Moon Ceremony Experiences will be offered

***Please note that all experiences will be recorded and housed in a private library, where you will have a catalogued access to the themed Breathwork Sessions and experiences following the call.