Friday August 18

4:30-6:30 Create a Foundation to be an Artist of Transformation. Through a contemplative and engaging practice of asana, alignment and meditation, set your deeper roots to create a more expanded version of your life’s picture. Bring your yoga mat, deepest desires and get ready for a jolt out of the ruts that may be holding you back from what your heart and spirit truly want to create. Now is the time!

7pm  Dinner 

Post Dinner Evening Dharma Talk and Meditation. Take time to engage in the conversation and voice your desire to shift patterns to trust, love and create from deep within your center.
Saturday August 19

7am Wake up Coffee Meditation
8am Breakfast
10-noon Radical Acceptance and Finding Balance in Relationship. Courage, Balance and Acceptance are all qualities of the heart that when skillfully refined, opens us to a more expanded space of relating to truth and fulfilling our deepest desires. Explore this and more as practice embodied on the mat through asana, pranayama and meditation.

Lunch 12:30

4:30-6:30pm Light a Fire of Action for Co-Creation Exploring dedicated action and surrender in the space of your practice, the intention of this class is to take you deep into your solar center and release what holds you back from effective action. Exploring core support, conscious alignment, pranayama and meditation, you will emerge with new perspective to meet the universe to get things moving in relationship to your bigger life intentions!
7pm Dinner

Post Dinner Fire Ceremony As far back as recorded history, humans have gathered around the fire sharing song, dance, stories and myth and created space to release and devote to a bigger source of being. The fire ceremony is a symbol of death and rebirth. We bring our devotions to the space, and at the same time, celebrate and rock it out with our circle of support. Join us for a beautiful night under the stars and around the fire.
Sunday August 20 

9:00-10:30am Get Out of the Rut and Into a New Groove.  Change can occur in the next breath. New choices=New reality. Now it’s time to put a voice to it. Get ready to shout it out loud! Vocalization is the next step in creating on purpose. Focus of this practice is refining and aligning the communication center, listening and hearing the bigger messages. All levels Yoga, Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation.
11:00am Brunch

Friday only $60 Early Registration $75 Late

Saturday Full Day $140 Early Registration $160 Late

Sunday only $40 Early Registration $50 Late

All weekend $225 early registration prior to August 12.
Late registration all weekend $250

All Yoga classes are all levels and $25 drop in. Bring Mat and any props you need.

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If you love the idea of a retreat, and want to be in the company of great people, but prefer your alone time just as much, consider a personalized retreat in September. Choose from daily 2 hour morning Yoga and Meditation, afternoon breathwork, and have plenty of time to catch up on your hammock therapy, surf sessions or choose bodywork or a long walk. Meals are also on your own, so you can choose how to nourish yourself (with our recommendations and support, of course) throughout your stay.


Build your own retreat and choose from 7-10 day options during September 8-17. Everything is a la carte, so choose what you want during your experience and we will support you the rest of the way.

7 day Yoga+Breathwork Option

10 day Yoga+Breathwork Option

Choose your room at LaNegra Surf Hotel

Surf Lessons with Juan Carlos from LaNegra Surf