Distance Support

Choose one of 3 distance support commitment packages.

All distance work is supported through the ZOOM platform.


Please email ashley@ashleyludman.com for priority scheduling.

Breathwork is an experience of movement of energy, repatterning of the nervous system and a deep internal meditation all rolled into one. Within this practice, you may be met with insight and knowledge of how to create the next conscious steps in your life, or you just may have a sense of deep peace and release in your physical body.

Distance support through curated breathwork, personalized meditations and attainable action plans can be a game changer towards creating a life that is infused with purpose, navigating a stressfully challenging life situation or upleveling your health and vitality.

Distance support sessions are offered through the ZOOM video conference platform. You will have a recorded audio session as well as a recorded audio clip of your focused meditation. Through the integration phase, we will identify simple vibrational alignments and life practices to support shifts in your response patterns, belief structures and conscious choice.

Upcoming Distance Session Blocks

February 12-15

February 27-March 7

March 15-18

March 30-31

April 14-15

April 20-22


2020 Package Options


Bi-Monthly Breathwork calls with recorded meditations, Priority Scheduling, Unlimited text support. This is perfect for the corporate executive side of you who wants to breathe more life, creativity and passion into the professional side of the spectrum while becoming more mindful of personal choice and relationship. This program can be a catalyst for you if you are looking for a bridge to exit the corporate structure as you know it and create something radical on the other side. Message me at ashley@ashleyludman.com to schedule a conversation to determine if this is a commitment that may best serve you and the life that is waiting on the other side of this breath.


Bi-Monthly Breathwork calls/meditations with priority scheduling, text support. This is perfect for you if you are desiring consistent support and accountability to guide you through a new project, transition or life change in the year ahead. We begin with a full spectrum intake to pinpoint the area(s) of your life that you would like to release, revision or reactivate. You will be supported with bi-monthly breathwork sessions that will include personally curated contemplation inquiries and meditations.

In this commitment, you will have specific goals that will be addressed monthly through intentional action plans and a breath supported visioning process.

Message me at ashley@ashleyludman.com to set up a connection conversation to see if this offering is a good fit for your needs.


Commit to yourself from the center of your universe (hint: it is found at the center of your being.) The reset package is great if you are needing decompression from life, and learn inner tools to downshift even in the most stressful of situations. The monthly breathwork calls and check ins are designed with you in mind. You will receive recorded breathwork practices and email check ins with compassionate reminders and accountability nudges to remind you that you are not alone in shifting and resetting your responses to whatever life throws at you!

Message me at ashley@ashleyludman.com to set up a consult to see if this is a choice that fits for your 2020 intentions.