Students’ Perspectives

“Not only is Ashley inspiring, kind, approachable, and relatable; but she lives as she teaches and is humble enough to know that the process is ever evolving as well. My life was and is currently hugely impacted by her teachings, and inspiring messages. From not only a spiritual stand point, but also a professional stand point: Ashley is committed to spreading the teachings, sharing in what she loves, and is also evolving as a loving balanced person.”                                                                                                                   Theresa Cavalier, Breathwork retreat participant, Guatemala 2/2013


“Ashley is the best! Stick with her and she will change your life in amazing ways.”                                                                                                        Arlene Hanerfeld, Seaside Yoga student and retreat participant

“Ashley is the best yoga teacher I have ever worked with and miss her dearly. She listens with her whole heart and one of her sweet touches can change a pose to work ! Brilliant!”                                                                                                                    Jane Caplinades, Yoga and Breathwork student, NC and NY 2009-present

“Ashley demonstrates an additional tip: be your authentic self. It’s a joy to follow her journey and teachings.”                                                                                                              Lani Hashimoto, 200 hour YTT graduate, 2004, Wilmington, NC

“Ashley has a gift in guidance and encouraging the best out of people. She teaches and inspires through love and creative exploration. As a business woman she is smart, organized and a problem solver when things don’t go as planned. As a friend she is compassionate, supportive and fun! I am grateful to have learned under her guidance.” Jamie Crockett, 200 hour YTT graduate, 2012, Nosara, Costa Rica    IMG_0326

“I am currently in Ashley’s Yoga Paradigm teacher training program in Nosara Costa Rica. I have dropped out for 4 YTT before due to poor instruction and busy schedule. Ashley is such a great teacher that I never once thought about dropping out, which is a sheer miracle.  I am amazed at Ashley’s talent..she brings intensive knowledge of anatomy and the science of yoga and melds it with intuitive flow full of breathwork and dance…watching her work is truly amazing…she is one of the best teachers I have ever had and I am extremely picky and don’t throw that compliment around often!” Renee Gurley, 2013

IMG_0796“The gratitude I feel for having Ashley as a teacher and friend is beyond words. For over ten years she has continually guided me to always grow and live an amazingly happy, confident, and prosperous life. I sincerely hope that this opportunity allows many others to be so fortunate to learn from her! Gracias Ash, for leading me to change my mind to change my life.”                                                                      Kristen Lewis, 2013

“Ashley is a wonderful teacher. I was a beginning yoga student in Monteverde when I had a chance to take a few classes with her and an individual session. She is an amazing teacher and made it possible for me stretch (literally and figuratively) in new ways. What was particularly impressive to me was how she made me feel welcomed and encouraged even though most of the other students in the class were much more experienced than I was. Although I only worked with her for a little bit of time, her impact was great.”                                                                                                                     Ellen Skilton-Sylvester, Monteverde, Costa Rica 2012

“Ashley’s dedication and vision for others is powerful. She has inspired me in all aspects of my practice, but particularly how to integrate my skills and bring writing and yoga together. Since studying with Ashley I’ve started my own small business that unites these two and I don’t know if I would have pursued it without the skills that Ashley has offered and getting to witness her own inspiring journey.” Corinne Manning, YTT graduate 2009 and Valle Crucis Retreat Co-Facilitator 2010

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Ashley for the past several years through her work at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa. Every time I interact with her I am touched by her compassion and authenticity. She brings so much love and light to everything she does and everywhere she goes. Ashley is living her dream and she is great at helping other people do the same. I am looking forward to participating in her next teacher training!”                                                                                                      Dave Englander, Chocolatier, Nosara, Costa Rica, 2013     IMG_0157

“As owner of the Cost Rica Yoga Spa I can say that we have absolutely benefited from Ashley’s Yoga Teacher Trainings and involvement with the Spa. She is ultimately grounding and has a flow to teaching like no other. I witness many teachers here coming and going but I have to say my favorite to work with and take classes from is Ashley. She is comprehensive in her training and her attention to detail in her presentation is impeccable. She seems to go above and beyond to include yogic knowledge and her outstanding breathwork to mention a few assets in her magic bag. There is never any doubt that you are in the presence of greatness with her teaching. She is a fantastic inspiration to all of her students and we are honored to have her teacher here. We could not ask for a more fulfilling relationship and hope to have her teaching here forever. Thank You Ashley for all you have taught us!”                                                                                                       Darin McBratney, Owner, Costa Rica Yoga Spa, Nosara, Costa Rica

“Since she decided to move to Costa Rica, an entire city misses Ashley’s inimitable work.”                                                                                                                                         Christy Lewis McIntyre, RYT, LMBT, Wilmington, NC

“Ashley is a unique gift to the world, and she embodies the practice. Thank you Ashley for your continual wave of inspiration. Namaste.”                                                            Margo Williams, 200 YTT graduate, Wilmington, NC

“As a yoga teacher and a business owner of the Holistic Integrated Health Courses, Ashley’s advice and care have helped shaped my business. She has gone above and beyond to help me become a better teacher and entrepreneur. Her intuition, business savvy and practical wisdom is a rare combination of qualities that fit beautifully in the field of yoga. Thank you Ash for living in your dharma, you will never know its wide-reaching effects but perhaps, you may get a glimpse, as I’m one person who is now sharing the gifts that you helped me to develop and see.”                                                                                                                          Lucy St. John, YTT graduate 2013