Breathwork is a powerful tool that has been used for the process of healing and transformation by both ancient and modern healers. Accessing a deeper realm and ability to receive and give each breath your full capacity can be a change agent in your life.

In addition to pranayama practices (specific practices that will lead you to higher levels of sensitivity, endurance and ease of breathing), Breathwork offers the practitioner the ability to live physically, energetically, mentally and spiritually in the place of radiant health and potential. Breathwork is a deep meditative and contemplative experience, where the practitioner is supported in a posture of comfort while performing a rhythmic, circular breathing for the length of the meditation (45-60 minutes).

During this experience, you may experience past memories, emotions, and purifications that might dislodge old habits, patterns and belief structures. It is up to you to create new actions and patterns as a result of what you uncover in your session. With Ashley’s support, you will be expertly guided towards greater freedom, clarity and strength to create new patterns and relationships in your life.