Online Facilitator Training 2022

The Body of Breath Facilitator Training 2022


A Professional Training of Breathwork and Aligned Living
One Weekend Per Month (Each (full) 3rd weekend of the month beginning Jan 21-23) 96 hour Foundational Groove Experience

Schedule: Fridays 4pm-6pm (ET) Saturdays and Sundays 2pm-5pm (ET)

Jan 21-23, Feb 18-20, Mar 18-20, Apr 15-17, May 13-15, June 17-19, July 15-17, Aug 19-21, Sept 16-18, Oct 14-16, Nov 18-20, Dec 16-18

Breathwork is a widely used tool to help individuals support their health and relationship blueprints. In this program, you will learn breathwork theory, physical, physiological and neurological concepts to adapt your practice and support your clients in creating and experience that will help them feel the power of breath and presence that is here in this moment!

To understand the art of holding space for another, it is imperative that you experience the depth of possibilities of the breathwork practice as a discipline. In this year-long training, you will have diverse opportunities to engage in experiences that will lead you to a greater refinement of aligned and purposeful living.

Enjoy monthly Breathwork Immersions where you will experience key points of focus to guide you through the month ahead!

Each month will have a topic and as a member of this groove of our community, you will have access to my private library of breathes as well as video experiences and live classes that are scheduled through the month so that your integration gets grooved in deep!

This progressive training is part live experience with the circle, and part self supported professional growth with direct mentorship with Ashley and her senior teachers. You will be given a full library of resources to support both your personal growth and professional development through the 12 month dive together.

Message me at to schedule an inquiry call for The Inner Groove Experience where in addition to the full immersion schedule and private library, you will be supported directly by me as we move through each month of the experience!

In addition to the monthly weekends of live (through the ethers) experiences, you will have the opportunities to join with our gowing community for mini immersions and community breathes to add to your inspiration along the way.

The Foundational Groove Experience is 8 hours per weekend for 12 months for a total of 96 hours. You will be asked to keep track of the additional breathes and experiences that you join to add to the total of your content hours.

The Inner Groove Experience is and additional 12 sessions with Ash, which can be scheduled monthly or loaded on the front side of the experience. You choose when you need more direct and focused support.

Spaces are open for 20 in the Inner Groove Experience with Ashley. Early registration incentives are available now and will give you access to immediate curated programming. Inquire about payment plans.

Please fill out the intake form and schedule an interview with Ashley before registering for this training.

Email Ashley Ludman to schedule an interview:

Note: This program will be offered online.
All classes will be recorded and housed on a content platform at our private page. Lots of additional content and professional development opportunities will be available in an ongoing basis.