Radical Transitions

Are you ready for a new perspective?

Are you seeking support and guidance to release what is holding you back from living a life filled with greater ease, passion and purpose? 

Are you READY to take the next best steps to follow your bliss?

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How MY stories can help YOU…

My transitions have been diverse. Through them all, I have sat in contemplation and self-study while asking, “what constitutes a successful transition through the moments of inner and outer chaos?” I have my own instincts and answers. I have specific tools that have helped me to remain present, calm and respond to the changing of the needs of the moment. Looking back, I was able to grow from the challenges that I have faced through many transitions and now I want to share what I have learned with YOU!

My Story…

Throughout my life, I have taken on a personal study of the process of transition. I have been in constant evolution, transformation and observation of what supports greater ease and authenticity in the inevitability of life’s changing tides.

The transitions I have made have been diverse, and some of the twists and turns that I have navigated along the way include:

  • Moving to a city near the ocean where I originally knew no one
  • Landing my dream job as an occupational therapist in the trauma units
  • Transitioning out of my full time dream job when it began suffocating me
  • Creating a new approach to educating clients in preventative wellness rather than trauma management
  • Collaborating with a team of Yoga educators to establish the first Yoga Cooperative in our small town when Yoga was not so popular
  • Creating, opening and sustaining a successful Yoga studio in Wilmington, NC for 8 years
  • Surrendering a majority of my possessions to make the move to Central America
  • Creating a team that supported a developing retreat center in Costa Rica to become #1 in our local community on Trip Advisor
  • Devoting 3 months of time to a friend following a traumatic brain injury
  • Navigating the healthcare system in Costa Rica and the US during my friend’s recovery process
  • Reestablishing my home, employment and community support systems after the dissolution of my previous life situation following my friend’s accident

And now, 2016 is bringing me into yet another transition…one that I have dreamt of for decades. As I prepare to make a move to New York City, I am ready to share in the next radical transition with you! This experience is all about what supports YOU in your QUEST to live a life full of purpose. My intention is to teach you ways to trust your own inner guide, get out of the stuck patterns that hold you back, and be your most authentic self in every moment.

Radical Transitions in a Chaotic World 2.0 is my offering to you as we navigate life’s mysterious waters together.


This is your opportunity to join a process and gain tools to create habits that will inspire you to live a life filled with greater authenticity, purpose and action. A great deal of research shows that it takes about 40 days to establish a new behavior. “Radical Transitions in a Chaotic World,” my distance experience, which originally began as a 6 week series. It was such a powerful experience, that I am offering it again beginning July, 2016.

Program Intentions:

  • Devote to journaling through weekly guided prompts.
  • Uncover your stories, habits and patterns that play out in the movements of your day to day life.
  • Acknowledge and release the stuck patterns that hold you back from living your deepest desires.
  • Receive encouragement to use tools of contemplative journaling, breathwork and intentional action to break through your current obstacles.
  • Receive support through consistent group coaching guidance to integrate your mind, heart and actions and create new grooves.
  • Receive motivation through an online forum while you move through this process, and realize you are not in the boat alone in this!

It is my intention to dive in together and uncover ways to create new foundations, perspectives and processes to support movement in a more effective direction towards your deepest desires and highest aspirations.

What you will uncover…

Class #1

Deepen your Roots: Lessons of safety, resources and home

* Create a safe and sacred space

* Infuse your stories of fear with curiosity

* Experience trust in your own inner and outer resources

Class #2

Turn up your Creativity: Lessons of desire, pleasure and sensuality

* Release guilt and find greater pleasure in your life

* Meet your inner artist and have fun with the palate of your life

* Practice fluidity and expand your comfort zone

Class #3

Reclaim Personal Power and Stoke your Fire: Lessons of confidence, will and dharma

* Cultivate your inner fire

* Gain confidence in creating new grooves in your life

* Cut the cords of limiting beliefs

Class #4

Breathe new life into relationships with self and others: Lessons of the heart, acceptance and balance

* Create deeper self love through radical self care

* Practice skillful relationship techniques

* Balance the give-receive cycle in your life

Class #5

Say what you need to say: Lessons of skillful communication

* Listen and express skillfully

* Tune in and tone your voice

* Deliver your authentic message

Class #6

Ignite your inner vision: Lessons of intuition and perception

* Develop heightened intuition

* Observe your patterns and commit to creating new grooves

* Connect the messages of the heart and mind

Class #7

Ask and receive higher guidance: Lessons of divine inspiration and support

* Use your new tools to dive into the mystery of the unknown

* Seek guidance from your guides, inner wisdom and spirit

* Increase your sensitivity to see past your blind spots

Class #8

Integration of Past, Present, Future

* Release past tethers that hold you in your ruts

* Activate your future vision

* Take personal accountability and create your next forward actions

This is the deal…

“Radical Transitions in a Chaotic World “is an integrative virtual class for people from all walks of life. You don’t have to be a Yogi or have an already established meditation practice. In this series, you will be given tools, guided contemplations and meditation experiences, reading resources, video check ins, and will have consistent opportunities to be a part of a live mentorship support call with Ashley and the group. You can dedicate yourself to the experience at a pace that works for you, as all of the calls will be recorded, and all of the mediations and breathwork sequences will be available to you WHENEVER you need them!

Join the experience at a level that is comfortable for you.

In the Collective Experience, you will receive:

  • LIVE COACHING CALLS (recorded for your convenience if you can’t join us live)
  • VIDEO CHECK-INS and Teaching Moments

Logistics:Radical Transitions in a Chaotic World 2.0 begins August 1, 2016, and you can jump in at any time!

  • All call recordings are available on a member’s only, password protected portion of the website.
  • The program has an easy to follow structure, but you can take as long as you like to move through the journaling prompts, meditations and action plans. (You can actually revisit this program any time you find yourself moving again through a new transition!)
  • Support calls will be held bi-monthly, and day of week and time will vary from week to week, depending on the needs of the group. The calls will be recorded and delivered to the Facebook group immediately following the call, so if you can’t join us in person, you will be able to listen in at a time that works for you.
  • Video check-ins will also be delivered to your inbox and Facebook group. In these messages of support, weekly themes and contemplations will be introduced, along with journaling prompts, supportive reading materials and additional tools to help you in creating a new groove in your perspectives, actions and interactions.
  • Audio meditations and breathwork sequences will also be delivered to your inbox and Facebook group. The only thing that you need to do is find a place and a time to use them!
  • I am always affirmed by the process of group work. I typically notice that the group itself becomes the guru to one another (and me), so I highly encourage (but do not mandate) your participation in a private Facebook group, so that you can stay connected with and supportive of one another through this experience and beyond.

 Your Investment:

I am highly dedicated and ready to support you in this NEW way! I have received feedback from our last group and have added more content and created a user friendly platform to make it easy to connect with us. Because I am more invested in attracting the perfect group, and putting this work out into the world, and am offering this program to you at a special “thank you in advance” rate.

$149 Collective Experience: Introductory Offer ends August 1, 2016.

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